APUS is mostly a Chinese business app store. The name is an allusion for the swift spouse and children, which can reach speeds of 169 kph. The APUS iphone app launched on Google Play in July 2014 with more than 2 hundred million users. The user platform quickly grew and by October 2014, completely reached 50 million. APUS is a user friendly application organizer. The application is compact and will squeeze in a personality to your Android phone.

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APUS is a popular Android launcher that increases quickness and efficiency. Users may customize their house screens with custom device and live wallpapers. Users can also take care of apps, game titles, files, and connect with other people using Facebook. This company was looking to grow the app customers and set up loyal users to help this keep mac os x default browser the growth. Epom helped those to launch large-scale mobile user acquisition promotions in twenty three international market segments.

APUS is a superb application that may be free to download on Android devices. The APUS launcher offers completely different color schemes and rounding possibilities for superior user encounter. It incorporates a wide variety of stationary and going wallpapers. The APUS application is very user friendly and offers the best security, privacy, and optimization features. The APUS launcher is mostly a must-have to get Android os users. The organization also has a unique launcher.

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